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Tips for Transitioning to College Webinar!

Tips on Transitioning to College for Individuals Living with Social, Learning and Communication Challenges Webinar!

If your child has a neurodevelopmental disorder and/or learning disability, the thought of sending him or her off to college may cause you anxiety! College Steps presents Tips on Transitioning to College!

Their student-centered support utilizes peer mentoring and multidisciplinary collaboration on campus. Their Individualized College Plan (ICP) is developed to compliment or pick up where the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) may have left off that ultimately serves as a road map. An ICP outlines areas of need and tracking progress throughout the student’s college experience and includes the following: 

  • Academic enrichment

  • Social involvement

  • Independent living

  • Pre-employment training

Join us to ask Aaron and Lauren your own questions!


Aaron Rakow, Chief Executive Officer, is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of College Steps. He has devoted his career to improving educational accessibility for students living with disabilities across a variety of categories.  Aaron is also an Associate Professor within the Department of Psychiatry at Georgetown University where he has previously led efforts to reform school-based mental health within underserved communities of Washington, DC.

Lauren Merritt, Chief Operating Officer, is a founding member of College Steps and has overseen the growth of College Steps partnerships from a single college program in Vermont to a comprehensive model featuring partnership sites throughout the northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Lauren is identified as a national leader in post-secondary education for individuals living with disabilities.