Student Blog Post: Jacob

 Hi. My name is Jacob. I'm a College Steps student at SVC, and I'd like to share my passion for making stories. As far as stories go, I prefer to tell them with an application I use called RPG Maker. As the name implies, it is software that allows one to create their very own video game in Role Playing Game fashion. The three games I am currently working on are titled Chronicles of the Dream, The Daemon War, and The Fall of the Executors.


Chronicles of the Dream is a game featuring a demon named Illikas Marshall Rager, a human with the power to control dreams, named Moxo Holly Guinevere, and a genocidal, cannibalistic villain named Terrance Geraldo as the main characters and villain, in that order. Below are a few screenshots of this game:


The Daemon War is another game featuring too many characters to include here, but the prime main character is named Command Sergeant Major Zin Quetzal. This game takes place in the year 2710, during a war that has lasted 200 years thus far, and takes place after the events of Chronicles of the Dream. Included below are some more screenshots of this game.