A successful life after high school for your special needs student.

Supporting high school students with Autism, ADHD, ID, and learning disabilities transition to college and a career with confidence.

College Steps is free for most families .

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Most families qualify for free college and career transition services from College Steps.

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Personalized social and college Support

College Steps provides personalized college support for students with learning and social challenges such as autism, ADHD, ID, SLD, or other learning disabilities. Our student-centered approach includes focuses on an Individualized Education Program with support from full-time coordinators, personalized peer mentoring, and multidisciplinary collaboration on campus. We emphasize inclusion, self-advocacy, employment, and independent living skills while providing high-quality special education support. Let College Steps help your special needs student transition to college or a career with confidence after high school.

“My experience with College Steps was awesome. Having the peer mentors with me really helped me focus. My classes helped me to get certified as a coach for Special Olympics.”
Special Needs Employment Training

Support the unique needs of your Special needs student

For many families, the post-secondary support options available don’t promote the special education needs of their child. College Steps customizes the academic support your child receives, ensuring they get the right support at the right time.


Many colleges offer excellent academic support and accessibility services. College Steps helps students access these disability services and advocate for themselves. We also provide additional support for areas that aren’t covered by colleges, including independent living skills. This collaboration ensures your child receives the personalized support they deserve.


To ensure our supports meet your child’s needs, we work with you and your child to create a personalized plan. Each support plan is designed to compliment your child’s goals and to increase their academic success through a pre-college Individualized Education Program (IEP) and peer-mentoring, and social support through Pre-ETS, employment training, and independent living mentorship.


We recognize how important strong family connections are for students. Our approach includes daily communication logs, monthly planning meetings, and regular feedback sessions. This structure helps to ensure the special needs student, their family, and their larger support systems are working together in the best way possible


The level of dedicated and customized support that College Steps provides is unmatched. As a result, the outcomes our students achieve are unprecedented. Learn for yourself how College Steps has transformed the learning trajectory of the students we support.

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