College Steps has the nation’s largest peer mentor support network - exclusively designed to meet the needs of students living with learning and social challenges.


Peer mentors support College Steps’ students with organization, accessing campus resources, and in-class guidance, as needed. In addition, peer mentors support College Steps’ students as they navigate the college’s social network and skills necessary to live independently.



  • Accompany College Steps students to class to provide appropriate supports

  • Assist student with appropriate social engagement within the classroom and on campus

  • Encourage communication between College Steps student, faculty, and fellow students

  • Provide appropriate modeling of classroom etiquette

  • Support student to advocate for accessibility of course material – as relevant 

  • Assist with executive functioning, organization, time management, study skills, test taking skills, assistive technology

  • Provide connections to relevant campus supports

Serving as a peer mentor provides a lasting educational impact on the student. Through its Peer Mentorship program, College Steps is committed to training the next generation of helping professions. 

Peer Mentors are enrolled undergraduate students at a partnering college who are also paid employees of College Steps. Peer Mentors are trained and supervised by College Steps’ Program Coordinators to provide appropriate supports for College Steps students both in and out of the classroom.

“Being a peer mentor is a blessing because it allows you to look at life from a different perspective. Furthermore, the bond you build with your mentee is unbreakable. You give your mentee a hope or faith that people care about them.”
— College Steps Peer Mentor Fall '18

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