How We Communicate
With you
At College Steps, we take communication of each student's progress very seriously. If you are a member of a College Steps student's team, you have separately been provided with secure access to a drive with the resources, student plans, daily, and weekly reports that our team uses to assist the student in achieving their desired outcomes. Your access includes Frequently Asked Questions/Reference Materials, Service/Family Packet, Individualized College Plan (ICP), Student Schedule, Class Notes, Weekly Path and Planning Report.

Accessing the student information portal

To ease information flow, College Steps offers access to secure, online summaries of daily and weekly student progress via Google Drive. Online access is granted by permission only. For questions about access to the online portal, please email

Setting up and using Google Drive will take about 15 minutes and will require certain system requirements particular to your computer or device. Below is a brief introduction as well as informative links to help answer common questions associated with set up. Should you have additional questions, please contact our administrator at

NOTE: Although not required, College Steps highly recommends your Creating a Gmail Email account for ease of set-up, delivery of information, and ability to use additional features within Google Drive.

Portal set up: Step #1

Step 1: Go to - You’ll see "My Drive," which has:

  • Files and folders you upload or sync

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms you create 

Detailed instructions HERE for computers, Androids, iPhones/iPads

Portal set up: Step #2

Step 2: Program Coordinator Invite - Confirm your email information with the Program Coordinator to prompt the invitation to the student folder:

  • The email will read: “Program Coordinator” has invited you to contribute to the following shared folder: (folder icon)

  • Click on the OPEN button in the email to access the student folder

  • When possible, use or create a Google email account or create a gmail account, as these are most compatible with Google Drive.

Portal set up: Step #3

Step 3: Access and Navigate Student’s G-drive folder