A Letter to you

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in College Steps. Since launching our innovative college support model in 2011, College Steps has grown significantly in both size and scope of services. We are immensely honored to work with and support hundreds of students each year at our nine locations across five states. Our growth and success is attributable to our holistic, student-centered approach to learning. Our award-winning model enables a personalized experience that engages our team, the student, the family and the community support network to identify areas of strength and need and customize solutions at the college level. Our data driven outcomes speak for themselves with our students graduating from college to pursue additional graduate education experiences and gainful employment. No two learning styles are the same, and we believe the supports necessary to encourage post-secondary learning should be individualized to meet those needs. Partner with us on your postsecondary journey and we can help Build Your Future.


  • Aaron Rakow
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lauren Merritt
    Chief Operating Officer