Coursework and Employment Experiences Come Together

Graduating College Steps at SVC student, Stephanie, has spent two years taking classes and working toward an employment goal to work in the field of early care and education. This semester, she engaged in a "Chemistry of Cooking" course, as it connected so well her academic and employment interests. Here is her summary for a final project for the semester:

  • Your major: College Steps- this will apply to my work experience.
  • Describe how you plan to apply this course to your work experience: I could use the skills I learned in this class to have the children at the daycare cook/make cookies, brownies, or the ice cream. (As long as my boss is there.)

  • What the project would be: I would make the ice cream with them because it was the easiest one to make out of the recipes.

  • What would be done: If I were to do this project with the kids I would have them make the pizza or the ice cream. I would begin by asking them what they think the salt and sugar does to the ice cream. After they answer, I would then show them videos (like the ones we watched) to see if their answers changed. I would finally explain to them the how salt and sugar affect the ice cream.