WCC Site's Connection with Katherine Davis Scholars

This semester our WCC campus site partnered with three students from the Katherine Davis Scholars program.  The Katherine Davis scholars are a select group of students chosen and honored with the award based on their "remarkable commitment, extraordinary leadership and academics excellence." 

We will be working on creating an on-line social calendar specific to upcoming events in the community and on campus that CS students will be able to access via a button or app on their phones.  This will give our participants opportunities to easily find activities and get involved in the community.  This link once established can have multiple admins added which will allow other CS coordinators to create similar calendars for their regions.

The nice thing about this calendar is that is has a lot of visuals and is not just writing on a "calendar" page.  It has the actual "flyers" of the events included in the link.  The events are posted for the month so that students can scroll down and see all of the events in a particular month.