College Steps at NCC Student 2-Dimensional Design Course Projects

College Steps students pictured here: Sean Cunningham with his "Self-Portrait" project.


Chris Potter with one of his repeating pattern projects hanging up in the hallways of NCC!

As a high-technology training center and learning institution from which students can either enter the workforce or proceed to four-year colleges, NCC possesses an outstanding physical plant and modern, up-to-date facilities. We believe in providing students with hands-on experience in a variety of real-world settings, all of which have been faithfully replicated at the College. From computer labs to electrical engineering laboratories, fine arts and graphic design studios to television studios, culinary arts kitchens to hospitality suites, NCC has the latest and most modern class environments in which to learn.


Come see for yourself. Norwalk Community College keeps track of the latest changes in the businesses and industries for which our facilities prepare students. But that does not mean that we have ignored more traditional disciplines. We also use the latest technology and teaching aids to assist students' understanding of English, History, Mathematics and the Sciences. Listed below are the facilities available at NCC.