College Steps Graduates at Johnson State College

Three students completed the College Steps certificate program at Johnson State College this year. It was an especially exciting ceremony, as Bernie Sanders was the commencement speaker.

Pictured is Tyler Enman.  His focus at JSC was math and music and he wants to work with youth as a tutor or in after school programs.  He completed his internship with the DREAM program which mentors local youth living within affordable housing communities.  He was an active member of the Bad Integers math club, the JSC Chess Club, the Humans vs. Zombies club, the MAGIC: The Gathering Club, the Dungeons and Dragons club, and the Living for Giving Club... he was very active socially!


The other gentleman is Calvin Raymond.  Calvin focused on the fine arts and hopes to be a chef some day.  He completed his internship with Sodexo our campus food provider (see attached picture).  Near the end of his internship he was offered employment in the kitchen and is now working 25 hours a week and is moving towards full time employment with them.


Maleia Wentworth focused on communication (verbal and written) and completed her internship at Stowe Mountain Adventure Center in the kitchen.  She now works at Stowe Mountain Lodge and her internship has given her the opportunity to take on other positions within the resort that are more aligned with her interests (cooking and working with kids).  


The last 3 pictures are of those students with mentors at our small College Steps ceremony where the students present to family and friends on why they think they've earned their certificate.