Insights from a Different Kind of Student

Kalin Wachsmuth is completing his second semester with College Steps at NCC and has been very active with joining The Voice (NCC Student Newspaper) and also working closely with the Student Activities office to help plan events on campus. Kalin spent a great deal of time writing this article about himself and was quite proud to have it published. Kalin also takes a journalism class at NCC.

Hi all! My name is Kalin, a first year at

NCC and soon to be a second year. I have many

dreams in life like everyone else does, including

the fact that I want to make history someday in

this country while having Autism, a brain disor—


One of my thoughts about Autism is to

to develop Kalin Digital System (KDS), which

will help people with autism and others to learn

about the potential of people who have this par—

ticular learning condition. My idea is to inspire

and advocate, so that people who are on the Autism

spectrum can reach their full intellectual


One thing I liked about NCC is many

students have learning differences like mine.

Other things I enjoy about the college is the ease

of public transportation, the events, the people I

meet and the services provided by the school.

I do believe some improvements can be

made. I think students, including me, can create

more excitement and spirit on campus.

Another thing that could be improved is

the services and how well they are structured. It’s

not that it’s bad; but, there are some things that

could be improved to help students, especially

those with learning differences, become mom

engaged in the educational process.

I have a unique perspective on NCC in

that for one year I attended Western Connecti

cut State University in Danbury. That campus i.

quite different, with dorms, a bigger budget ant

more resources.

That does not mean that it’s a bettel

school, just different.Western Connecticut tendl

to produce bigger events, and has a “West Fest”

which includes carnival rides and concerts witl

popular singers. Norwalk CC, however, also ha

interesting and engaging events. They are jut

not of the scale that is offered at Western.

All in all, my first year has been challeng

ing. At first, I felt isolated. I feel people aren

outgoing enough to reach out to others, even i

my case since I have difficulties making friend

for the most part.

The biggest challenge, though, is balanc

ing social life and coursework, especially when

I may be taking 2-3 classes instead of one nex


Kalin War/erut}: is a reporterfar The Vain